Week 10 Kicked My Ass

Wow.  Seven and Seven.  It’s not only my uncles favorite cocktail and its not just the title of MC Lyte’s comeback album.  It’s just the name of an Arthur Lee song or the size of the  groups of all the clean animals brought by Noah on his Ark.  It’s not only the name of the Put-On’s 2003 CD or the 2003 jazz release of Howard Alden and George Van Eps.  It’s also my record this week, as I turn in an effort worthy of an unworthy Humanitarian Bowl bid.  It was all going so well too.  Joey “Cute Momma” Harrington destroyed my pick of Carolina, Herm “Kinky Girl” Edwards managed to lose to Denver, Scott “Lil’ Doody” Linehan pulls one away from New Orleans (and to the N.O. G.M. – THAT’s why we the Packers didn’t give Mike McKenzie a huge contract.), and Peyton “Purty Mouth” Manning managed to achieve the impossible by throwing 6 picks.  I haven’t seen anything like that since Favre’s playoff effort against the Rams on January 20, 2002.   Thank God the DVOA missed 6 this week or I’d feel royally molested.  Here’s how my John Henry-esque struggle to surpass the machine is going so far…..

DVOA 8-6  (59 – 22 since week 5)

Monkey 7-7   (51 – 30 since week 5)


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