How did I get this off topic?

As I mull the week 10 NFL schedule, decide which NBA game to listen to tonight, browse through ESPN, Football Outsiders, FoxSports, the UK Guardian, deadspin, process library, imdb, Yahoo! Fantasy sports, and uhhh, what was I doing?   I’ll tell you what I was doing, skipping the 1500 word section of TMQ about sub-prime mortgages.  Jesus, Easterbrook, I just woke up.  Personally I take more offense to Gregg wasting the 2.5 seconds it took for me to realize he was wasting my time than to the whole Chris Henry “Here’s a five bitch, now shut yer mouf bout my truck punk!”thing.   And I work in the service industry, so I should be pissed.   It’s hard to be pissed when you just found out that Brad Lidge is leaving the NL Central in exchange for three guys I’ve never heard about.  Philadelphia will need someone new to Boo after football season is over with.  Also on the positive side of things, this guy is almost done trying to ruin baseball.  How about politicians balance the f@#$ing budget, fund stem cell research, end the Iraq war, and maybe impeach W, and THEN worry about baseball players using steroids?  While congressmen are wasting time with steroids, This is happening right under their noses.


One Response to How did I get this off topic?

  1. T-Bone says:

    But won’t it be interesting to see if the banks will actually drop housing prices or just leave hundreds of thousands of vacant houses to rot? Right now they are opting for the ‘let them rot’ stategy. I for one think corporate America needs some tax breaks and some hookers.

    Yeah couldn’t the Astros have gotten a lot more for Lidge last year? They got a fast guy who can’t hit, a minor leaguer with marginal upside, and a pitcher who is very useful for eating up innings in blowouts. Oh, and a box of cracker jacks.

    I really hope A-Rod gets much less than he is asking for. I mean no one was getting paid as much as him already and now he wants a raise? What is he a CEO? Well hopefully a team that likes spending lavishly for big names with way too long contracts that don’t pan out will sign him. That’s why I predict he ends up in New York again for the other team… the Knicks. Hopefully wherever he ends up there are plenty of manly women there for him.


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