Week 9 Monkey vs Math ReCap.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he makes a choice that will change the course of the rest of his life. For some its as monumental as naming their firstborn, for others it’s as seemingly trivial as Spearmint vs. Doublemint. For me? It was picking the Saints by a bunch over the Jags. That’s the one that put me over the top. This weeks results surprised even me.

Monkey 10-4

DVOA 9-5

DVOA missed Minnesota over San Diego, New Orleans over Jacksonville, Detroit over Denver, Buffalo over Cincy, and Cleveland over Seattle. I may have missed the Vikings, Detroit. and Houston over Oakland. and Atlanta over San Fran. But the fact still remains. I win. finally. But I’m still 7 games back…

DVOA 51-16

Monkey 44-23

The Biggest surprise that shouldn’t have been a surprise was Houston over Oakland. With no number one QB or WR Houston beats an Oakland squad that I have been vastly overrating. This loss makes 4 in a row for the Raiders, and it’s now conceivable that they could go 2-14. Are they really as bad as Miami? I know the Dolphins are winless now, but they have games against the NY Jets and the Bengals. Are they as bad as the Jets? The Jets are 1-8, and the only gimme is against the Dolphins. Which is also one of two semi-gimme’s the Dolphins’ have. Which means that the game on December 2nd is setting up to be the anti-mid-season-super-bowl. At least the Bengals have games against the Rams, Niners and Dolphins, which could take them out of the #1 overall pick sweepstakes. St. Louis may be tied with Miami at 0-8, but with 4 winnable games left on the schedule they could fall out of contention for that 1st overall pick. So without further ado, here’s my leading candidates for the Darren McFadden/Glen Dorsey Lottery….


1. Miami (0-8)

2. St. Louis (0-8)

3. San Francisco (2-6) (who’s your asshat GM anyhow?)

4. NY Jets (1-8)

5. Oakland (2-6)

6. Atlanta (2-6)

7.Cincinnati (2-6)



3 Responses to Week 9 Monkey vs Math ReCap.

  1. OMAR says:

    Yes, DVOA doesn’t know that Jacksonville is missing David Garrard. DVOA also didn’t know that the Chargers were playing a backup center and that the Vikings would knock Philip Rivers to the ground all day.

    Keeping these other human elements in mind, the Monkey might just be able to to catch up in a week or two.

  2. T-Bone says:

    As the weeks wind down if your only objective is to beat DVOA you will need to pick divergently in close EV situations. Also if teams clinch you might get a few easy pick-ups as the colts with Jim Sorgi aren’t quite the same powerhouse.

    Also you should replace San Fran with the Pats because they own San Fran’s pick, and if they draft Mcfadden they may not lose a super bowl the rest of the decade.

  3. evenchunkiermonkey says:

    It depends if Goddell takes away N.E.’s highest pick, or just their thirty-somethingish pick. But you’re right, I forgot completely about SF trading that s#!# to the Pats. ALSO, if my memory is right, last week Jacksonville beat a 2 or 3% favored team in TB with Gray as the starter, defying my bold prediction about sexy cops and crayola crayons. Sometimes, like in week 7, craziness just occurs, like when a 35% favorite gets thumped (i.e. Baltimore @ Buffalo). I should really be noting if teams are above or below the meridian as well. Also introduced perhaps is the Variance factor, although when Pittsburgh is rated as most variant(Translation: Least consistent, I’m at a loss how to implement anything of that nature.)

    Oh, and my goal is to pick 10+ correct a week, I frankly don’t think I can catch the beast known as DVOA.

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