Slipping Badly OR a Barful of Perfect Strangers

Imagine if you will, a week in the NFL were only 3 of 13 home teams win.  I won’t make excuses, I promised myself.  But now I’m behaving like a little girl.  I went 8-5 this week.  Which sucks badly.  The DVOA???  12-1.  How am I supposed to compete with that? Well, by more closely analyzing the games,  and by not EVER picking the Jets to win again.    So after many moons of this the statistical analysis is whaling on yours truly to the tune of:

DVOA 42-11

Monkey 34-19

But on the upside of this, I got to drink a bottomless pint, play free QB1, eat a ton of delicious food (most of fried), and watch the Packers overtime win with a few close friends and 50 perfect strangers.  Favre connecting with Jennings was like 100 volts through all the stools in the place.  The moment was a beautiful thing, Shouting Screaming, Jumping, Spilling, getting High Fives from a perfect stranger with a mustache and an appetite for Miller High Life.

The only bar moment I can remember thats even close is when I couldn’t get tickets to Ohio State @ Wisconsin.  They were #1, heavy favorite, etc.   Three times that game there were those electric current moments, and because I was drunk, I don’t quite remember what order they happened in.  First was when some asshole on OSU was choking Jim Sorgi, the crowd at the bar got ugly.  I sincerely thought that the dumb sonofabitch in the Ohio State gear was gonna get pummeled for wearing the wrong colors(actually they’re the same colors, just arranged differently, but you understand.)  Second Moment in that game was when Kris Gamble muffed a punt, then got smoked, Wisconsin recovers, all with the score tied I believe.  The Third moment was when Wisconsin’s back-up QB came in and threw a bomb to Lee Evans.  Not a 15 yard pass that he takes the rest of the way, but a ball that is in the air for 40 yards or so, before spiralling down perfectly as the crowd (both in the bar and at the stadium) rises out of their seats, and then the catch was made, and everyone raised their arms, and then Evans breaks away from the reciever, and everyone screamed and shouted, and I think I gave a perfect stranger with a mustache a high five then too.


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