A Badger Game Blog OR Why I Hate Charter and the BTN.





One side says We want X, Y, and Z and then the other side says well, you can only have E, and F. The first side says, E and F? Thats so far away from X, Y, and Z! Give us X, Y, and Z! So the second side says X, Y, and Z?!? That’s so far away from E and F!! You get E and F or nothing! Now this goes on forever, both sides being to stupid to see that all we want in Wisconsin is to see the Badgers. Forget all that, I just pulled up ESPN’s Gamecast to see what was happening, and I can always use my radio, so F@#$ You, BigTenNetwork (Half-owned by FSN) I made sure to click on ESPN’s advertising. And F@#$ You Charter for not being willing to compromise either. You both make me want to puke. Oh, the Badgers won 33-3, apparently PJ Hill was injured, etc etc.

To the BTN:  How about you stop fighting this ‘relegation’ to a sports tier and just say, it’s $1.10 per customer per month if we’re on basic, but 4-6 times that amount if we’re on the sports tier?

To Charter:  How about you say, we’ll pay $3.25 a month to put you on a sports tier, but only 75 cents if you want on basic?

To Frustrated Customers:  Call Charter and tell them to pick up BTN in some form or you’ll switch to DirectTV.

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