The True Meaning of the World Series is neither Ham, nor Pomp.

The true meaning of the World Series is Drinking.  Drinking and Revenge.  Well, maybe its just drinking.  Personally, I think this will be over quickly, and I’m predicting Boston wins the series at Coors Field.  Could go four games, could go 5, but I don’t think that the Rockies can stretch it to 6.  Boston has the most potent offensive Lineup the Rockies have faced this postseason.  The gap between the Phillies/Dbacks and the Red Sox is wide.  Really wide.  Not to mention the gap between the post-season offensive stats of the Rockies and the Sox.  I just can’t see a Rockies pitching staff that has just over a 2 ERA continuing their success against a lineup with a ton of World Series Experience.  Lowell and Beckett were on the 03 Marlins that beat the Yankees, Schilling wa on the 01′ D-backs that beat the Yankees, Varitek, Ramirez, Ortiz, Youklis, Schilling and Wakefield all won the 04 series.  You heard it here last.

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