Monkey misses Max and the DVOA Official Week 7 Wrap

Well, The Monkey will finish at 9-5 this week, while the DVOA (coming into week 7 at 21-5) went a lowly 9-5 as well.  A tie this week, but through the last three, it looks like this:

DVOA   —   30-10

Monkey   —   26-14


Will you be watching the World Series?  I might be.  I’ll tell you if I do.  I don’t mean to be coy, its just who I am.

 RIP Max McGee . He was the MVP of Super Bowl One, and someone just about everyone in Wisconsin knew and loved.  He was the voice of the Packers Radio Network until only recently, and if I’m not mistaken called the very first game Favre ever played in, through the Super Bowl Victory, finally retiring only a few years ago.

 “But Vince was about as smart as anybody who ever put on a coaching hat. One time before a big game, he told us that if anybody was caught sneaking out before the game it would cost him $5,000. And he looked at me and said, ‘McGee, let me tell you something — if you find somebody worth $5,000, let me me know — I want to go with you.’ That broke the tension. He could get you so wired before a game you almost couldn’t play …”  -M. McGee

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