Manny is Unworthy of Mighty Skip Bayless

So he hits .440 with 4 HR’s and a dozen RBI’s in the postseason.  He’s walked 6 more times than he struck out this postseason.  He gives of his time and Money to those in need.  This performance is unworthy of Skip Bayless.  I guess the only way a grown man named Skip can feel less like a child is too denigrate Manny for being second on the team in BA to David Ortiz.   The only thing Skip does well is sexually harass women with Woody Paige.  Tell me Skip, is this Ramerimannyphobia a clause in your contract with your dark lord Satan?  Don’t act surprised, I’ve run down all the possibilities.  I got it down to Contract with Satan or Proffering sexual favors in job interviews.  Since no one will have relations with him, I must conclude that El Diablo is indeed behind the upswing of his career arc.  Manny being Manny means he’ll try to hit .500.  Skip being Skip means he’ll eat his own excrement for breakfast before he admits that Manny Ramirez can straight up ball.

One Response to Manny is Unworthy of Mighty Skip Bayless

  1. T-Bone says:

    But manny doesn’t play the game the white… i mean right way. For you, a nameless face on the series to tube i like to call the inter-computer-network-magical-superconnector, to denigrate a bastion of modern sports journalism is petty and pedantic.

    Skip Bayless is a man who will be equally outraged at the lack of pitch-counts in company softball leagues as he will be about a school shooting, a man who has strong opinions on every conceivable subject, a true legend of bullshitting. In fact he always takes the opposite side of the rest of the world, he treats the collective wisdom of the masses as if it were the ramblings of a drunk-retarted-homeless-man. In fact I wouldn’t be the least bit suprised if tomorrow Skip Bayless began defending the Nazis, i can see him:

    “They’re misunderstood, if you look at the stats they were the most-effecitve mass-murderers ever, and it’s like Ty Cobb we may not like him but we have to respect that he was the best in the game, and so were the Nazis. So I think it’s time we stop disparaging them and start appreciating how talented and well-coached they were. If I wanted to win at the game of fantasy genocide, Hitler would be my first overall pick.”

    So fuck you blogger and all hail Skip Bayless for there is a man who doesn’t hear what you are saying, but disagrees with you and thinks you are a fucking moron.


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