…Small Blessings, Bye Weeks, and Baseball…

…Small Blessings..

The Badgers play outside of the Big 10 this week, which means they won’t be systematically dismantled by a more talented foe.

            I can afford Groceries!

                                                    Koren Robinson has been reinstated, meaning the Packers can run a Four-wide set the likes of which hasn’t been seen in Green Bay since Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, Don Bebee, and Andre Rison were on the 1996 roster, which is not to say that the Packers shouldn’t try to sign Corey Dillion,  just that Driver, Jennings, Jones, and Robinson sounds less like a Folk-Singing-Group than the 1987 corp of Stanley, Epps, and Scott.

…Bye Weeks…

    Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay and San Diego have off this week in the NFL.  Who will benefit from it the most?  Carolina, who needs another healthy QB that isn’t named Vinny Testeverde and a healthy Dan Morgan?  Cleveland, who needs time for Jamal Lewis and Kellen Winslow to be at 100% if they plan to hang with Pittsburgh and Baltimore?  Green Bay, who will re-integrate Koren Robinson into the mix before a two game road trip to Denver and Kansas City?  Or San Diego, who are back at .500 and teaching new acquisition Chris Chambers the things Norv’s added to the offense since his tenure in Miami?

…and Baseball…

    The NL Champs have been crowned, and now the Rockies will wait at least until Thursday to find out if they will play the Indians or the Red Sox.  I said there would be a repeat of game one in game five, and I’ll stand by that.  If Boston should somehow do the unthinkable, and make my prediction come true, the Red Sox will need much better showings form Schilling and Dice-K to come away with a series win.  In fact they’ll need to play mistake-free defense, get lights-out pitching and hit like Tina burnt their dinner to win.  They need to repeat 2004, in a nutshell.


One Response to …Small Blessings, Bye Weeks, and Baseball…

  1. T-Bone says:

    Koren Robinson is back, hopefully his teammates take him out for a drink to celebrate… actually maybe they should empty the mini-bar and take shifts outside his hotel room making sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Also, maybe Green Bay isn’t the best place for him, I mean who can make it through a miserable Wisconsin winter in a city with nothing to do without downing a drink or 12?

    I think Carolina benefits the most because it gives Vinny time to digest Jon Fox’s entire playbook and once Vinny does that he’ll be unstopable. Pretty sure Carolina runs the table if Vinny stays healthy so we may be looking down the barrel of an inevitable Panthers-Pats super bowl. I’ll say it’s close but Brady and company can’t keep up with Vinny and underestimate his scrambling ability. Vinny goes 35-37 380 6-0, runs for 60 yards with a score as the Panthers win 59-45 in the highest scoring super bowl ever.

    I will say the packers shouldn’t try to sign Corey Dillon, Corey has nothing left, like at all, and if they are going to sign a Dillon, why not Jakob Dylan, he’s young has good heritage and dreamy blue eyes. We can make it home, with one headlight….


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