5 Levels of Pelting – From Celebratory to Surreal

In honor of the Rockies winning, as per my prediction, and the Arizona fans throwing things on the field, here is a list, up for revision of the five levels of pelting.

Level 5Congratulatory. Example? The hat trick in hockey. Jagr with a hat trick on free hat night.

Level 4Mildly Annoying. Level 4 pelting cause a delay as the grounds crew comes on to clean up. Caused by fan frustration. Have a look –> Could be anytime the Cubs blow a game.

Level 3Angrily Dangerous to Players. Browns – Jaguars 2001 Incidentally I cannot find video on this one, only some still pics, even though it’s burned into my brain. Perhaps the NFL wants us to forget this ever happened? The players and refs are chased from the field by fans throwing beer bottles.

Level 2Angrily Dangerous to Fans. In this level, all that’s required is one well aimed missile to set off a Hanson brothers style brawl. See Detroit vs Indiana The firestarter? A cup. One cup. The end result? The NBA dress code.

Level 1Incindiary. The kind of pelting where the objects thrown are not only dangerous, but also on fire. example–> Some Croatian Soccer match. It looks like the stands are on fire. Truly one of (if the not the)most surreal things I’ve ever seen in Sport. The craziest thing is that they try to restart the game.

The Arizona incident? A mere level 4 case. Not nearly enough debris ended up on the field to be a level 3 job. Arizona execs are probably just happy that it wasn’t Free D Cell Battery night. Also, I can’t find any video online of the actual pelting. Is this another PR cover up?

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