The After-Monday-Math

Wow. What a weekend. The Badgers go down hard at Illinois, the Packers go down with a whimper at home, and my desire to see the Yankees out of the playoffs after 3 games to complete the Division Series sweep perfecto is crushed. In any case, there were plenty of events to keep my mind off unemployment, and there are acouple tonight. Unfortunately, no one at the NFL or MLB got together and so both the Yankees v. Indians (7:37 ET) and Monday Night Football (8:30 ET) are on concurrently. Frankly, I don’t know which will be more exciting, if either are good games at all.

The Yankees are going to start Wang again, on 3 days rest, which doesn’t sound like a great idea, considering game 1 ended up 12 – 3 Cleveland, with Wangs line looking like this: 4.2 IP, 9 hits, 8 runs, all earned, with 4 walks to 2 K’s. His postseason ERA is now above 15, which can only mean one thing: Joe Torre is sick and tired of managing the Yankees. That’s the only reason I can think of start this guy on short rest. You must have either ZERO confidence in starter #4 (why not Mussina?? why not Vizciano? they might be bad, but not as bad as terrible on short rest.), or ZERO desire to win game #4 (and thus keep your job). Even if Cleveland decided to start pre-eye-exam RickVaughn, I would still take the Tribe. Either way, I gotta think Cleveland’s the favorite, even with Johnny Damon’s brimming confidence.

As for MNF, it looks like an unbalanced game, with a relatively untalented Bills squad(giving up 430 ypg) that should be overmatched by a Dallas squad gaining 440 yds per game, which is the best in the league. Buffalo’s ranked last in total defense, and second to last in total offense. Sorry Bill’s fans, but Dallas is gonna romp.

As for college football, Wisconsin tumbles from 5 to 16 in the coaches poll, from 5 to 15 in the USA Today poll and from 5 to 18 in the AP. Not as far a fall as I thought after getting beat by an Illinois team with a solid game plan. Badger fans should hope that Penn State wasn’t watching this one. The upside of next week is that the Badgers will be facing a Penn State team that suspended their 2nd leading rusher indefinitely. Perhaps the difference in last Saturdays game at Ill. and this Saturday’s game at Happy Valley is/was the absence of Lance Smith in road games.

On a side note, I finally saw the pilots of Carpoolers and Cavemen, and my opinion is that these shows will run for at least 3 seasons. Funnier than 2 1/2 men, old Christine, that Brad Garrett debacle, or anything else non-animated-sitcom-wise (besides maybe the Office, or that Chuck show I haven’t seen yet). After all the only shows in the Top-Ten Nielsen ratings that could even remotely be considered comedies are Desperate Housewives and House, and neither is a ‘sitcom’ in the true sense of the word. (or a comedy, really. I mean, watching Hugh Laurie being mean to patients or women being catty with each other can be funny, but both shows try to have their dramatic moments where someone’s life is in the balance. Really the only comedies that are successful right now are animated ones, which means the networks can capitalize on a market share not tapped into by providing a quality sitcom.)

This One’s For the Cub’s Fans!

Apologies to Wisenhunt, the name at the end of my week 5 picks should have read “Linehan”

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