The Fat Lady is Warming Up.

On Wednesday I was excited that playoff baseball was starting, and now I can hardly believe that we may be witnessing the shortest Division series round in baseball’s wild-card era. It’s unfathomable that the Yankees, Angels, and Phillies are all on the brink of elimination. Oh, yeah. The Cubs are there too, it’s just that I’m about as unsurprised about that as I can be. So lets break it down the old fashioned way, series by series.

Cleveland (2) vs New York (0)

The Indians blew out the Yanks game one, squeaked out game two in 11 innings and now go to NY to play on Sunday in what could be the series deciding game. Two stellar games by two Indians pitchers having great seasons have people asking, Will the Yankees see a game 4? Not if the Rocket only gives the Bronx Bombers a 6 inning performance. The series comes down to this game. Can a 45 year old pitcher have a stellar game against a potent offensive line up? To win this series the Yankess will have to pull a repeat of what the Sox did to them in ’04, and win 3 games in a row to take the five game series. Stick a fork in em, they’re just about done. A question floating around in my head is this: Will NY fans turn on A-Rod like……..wait a minute, of course they will.

Los Angeles (0) vs Boston (2)

Another series that could be done and over with come Sunday night. The only reason I hesitate to just give this one to the BoSox is game 3 is in Anaheim, which makes me wonder why the Angels claim to hail from LA. It’ll be Schilling vs Weaver as two of the new century’s World Series champs wind this one up. I gotta think that Boston wins this game 3. The Angels have too many nicks and bumps, and the Red Sox are just too confident. Manny will be Manny, you can count on that. Apologies to Jim Scoscia

Philidelphia (0) vs Colorado (2)

Unique this year, only because the team with 2 wins is playing at home. The Rockies have the edge, and its not only a suprise to everyone but Scotty Ferrall that the Rockies made the playoffs, but that they’re about to sweep the Phils. Series over. Philedelphia, Put your hands together and say hello to your new manager of the Phillies, Joe Torre.

Arizona (2) vs Chicago (0)

Wow. I can’t wait to see a Lou Pinella meltdown when Chicago’s bullpen blows a three run Rich Hill lead. Mark my words. The Cubs will be swept and not win the World Series for the 99th consecutive year. It’s too bad that the Cubs owners don’t care about their fans.

So there it is. In my humble opinion the Divison Series round will end with four sweeps, the first time since the introduction of the Wild Card in 1995. I’ll break it down with D-Backs vs Rockies and BoSox vs Indians after its official.

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